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Handmade, Fair Trade, All-Natural Clay Cookware & Tableware


Clay cookware is not a new invention, it has been used for centuries and that is exactly why you need your own.


Research on the use of unglazed clay cookware dates back about 700 years.  In La Chamba, Colombia, where our CEMCookware is made, black clay cookware dates back to pre columbian era.  Initially used as water vases and slow cookers, these pieces were as versatile then as they are today.  Due to the many cultures that use clay cookware, these pots are perfect for just about any meal.  Even better, due to their high heat resistance you can use them on your stove, in your oven and straight out to your table.

This ollas is perfect for making soups, stews and broths. It keeps the moisture and liquid rich in the natural flavors. I use my earthenware pot multiple times a week for making many different dishes. A kitchen must.
Cleans very well using a non scratch scrubber. Soak it a little if you don’t get everything off easily at first. These pots are durable and wonderful to cook in, look at on the stove and serve food from at the table.
— Nathalie Herling on June 01, 2015
We were so excited to place our first order of Colombian cookware. Ordered one day, delivered the next, amazing! We love our covered casserole, cooks evenly with less fat and makes a lovely presentation on our dining table. AND, keeps the food warm without drying it out. +++ Thanks CEM!
— Mike and Jan, Florida on October 21, 2015
Our first dish was roasted chicken breasts, smothered with sliced vegetables, spices, and cheese. Cooked slowly, uncovered, the chicken was moist and outstanding. Fantastic!
— Jimmy B. on July 21, 2015
This dish is really a piece of art. You can tell how well put together it is and will make a great piece at our dinner table.
— Aaron on April 08, 2015
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